Wireless TV Headphones

These cordless headsets let one person listen to the TV, computer sound system, stereo, or any other sound source... without disturbing others! Our wireless headphones allow you to roam around the room while receiving crisp, clear sound. No cords to trip over!

Every headset has its own volume control, independent from that of the TV's volume. So you can turn the headset way up while others listen at a comfortable level (or turn it down completely).

TV Listener can bring peace and harmony to your household and help those with mild hearing loss hear more clearly. Listen to the TV, computer, or stereo while others sleep, read, or study.

TV Ears is designed for persons with moderate to very severe hearing loss. This system works wonders! People who have been missing a lot on their TV for years now find they can hear and understand every word. And you can use the headset in the movies and many other public facilities.

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