TV Listener
Wireless TV Headphones

With the TV Listener, you can turn the TV volume down, your headphone volume up, and watch without disturbing others. This handy device works not only with TV's but with stereos, computers...any sound system.

TV Listener provides great stereo sound from any sound source: TV, computer, stereo, DVD, CD-Rom, etc.You can watch that latest action video without worrying about waking the kids. And they can play video games or listen to music without disturbing you. And since it is a wireless headset, you can move about the room freely and not be tied to some device. This system is perfect for:

  • TV, VCR, stereo, computer -- any audio source.
  • Persons with mild hearing loss can hear better because they can turn up the volume of the headphones while others listen at the normal volume.
  • Exercising to TV or music where you need more volume
  • Late night TV
  • Home Schoolers where one or more students can view educatonal videos/CD's while others study in the same room.

How does it work?
A small transmitter converts the sound into invisible infrared light (the same as your TV's remote) and fills the room with it. The lightweight, open-air headset then turns the light back into high fidelity stereo sound and feeds it directly into your ears.

How does the transmitter gather the sound? For the television, you simply plug the cable into the two “audio outs” in the back. For other sound sources, the adapters (included) let you plug into any "audio out" jacks that accept RCA plugs or mini-plugs. Note: does not work with single optical (digital) jacks.

Wireless Headset
The headset is wireless so there are no cords connecting you to the TV or stereo. It has its own volume control which can be set differently from that of the TV.The headset can be turned up loudly while the TV's volume is set at a comfortable level or turned all the way down.

Because of this feature, the TV Listener is also great for persons with hearing loss because it allows one person to listen at a high volume while others listen at a more comfortable volume.Called the "Marriage Saver", this cordless system lets you watch without disturbing others.

Clean Sound
This infrared system delivers a clean sound that is not subject to radio frequency interference. Since the lightwaves do not penetrate walls, you can have separate transmitters in different parts of the house without interfering with one another.

There is no limit to the number of headsets that can be used with a single transmitter, and any headset can be used with any TV Listener transmitter.

Sound is very good. I am very impressed overall.
S. L. H., Union Grove, N.C.

Works wonderfully! Will order another soon.
     M. E., Philadelphia, PA


  • Works with TV, stereo, or other audio source
  • Delivers great stereo sound
  • Volume control on headset works independently of TV speakers
  • Operating distance of up to 33 feet (covers an area of about 650 square feet)
  • Lightweight headphones
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Six month warranty
  • Transmitter
  • Headset/receiver with rechargeable batteries
  • Cables and adapters
  • AC power adapter for transmitter

Yes, I'd like to order:

TV Listener System
Code: TV 920

Our Price: $49.99
(Shipping is only $6.95)

Additional HEADSET
(Requires transmitter. Each transmitter can support multiple headsets.)
Code: TV 920H  

Our Price: $29.99

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