Amplified Telephones:

The Dialogue XL-30 by Ameriphone:
crystal clear clarity with time-saving features.

Powerful amplification with adjustable tone control increases the clarity of similar sounding words and makes them easy to understand.

An amplified phone with the clarity and features you need

  • Powerful amplifier increases incoming sounds up to 30 times louder(30+ dB) for extra loud and clear sound. Perfect for mild to mild/moderate hearing loss.

  • Adjustable Tone Control allows you to customize the sound to meet your hearing needs so that the differences between similar sounding words (such as "chair" and "share") become more noticeable, thus making the words easier to understand.

  • Advanced electronics minimize background noise and enhance speech clarity.

Incoming calls made easier

  • Bright ring Flasher alerts you visually.

  • Super loud Ringer (95+ dB).

  • Flash button lets you switch to an incoming call (for those who have "call waiting.").

  • Hold button lets you put the party on hold so they can't hear anything at your end.

Outgoing calls made easier

  • Big Buttons make dialing easy.

  • Twelve (12) Memory buttons for one-touch speed dialing.

  • Redial button can automatically redial the last number you tried.

Additional Features

  • Amplifier on/off Switch. The amplifier can be set to turn on automatically for every call, or instead can be manually turned on when you lift the headset.

  • Outgoing Amplifier boosts your voice, if desired, up to 15 dB, so the person on the other end can hear you better.
  • Audio Output Jack for connection to headset, neckloop or cochlear implant.

  • Hearing Aid Compatible (hearing aid must have T-coil).

  • Desk or wall mounting.

  • One year warranty.

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Dialogue 30 dB amplified phone
Code: XL30
List Price: $119.95
Our Price: $99.50

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