Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's) are products, other than hearing aids, which help you hear better

Our Hearing Devices

enable all persons (with or without hearing loss) to hear more clearly in tough situations.

Our Hearing Devices pick up sounds at their source and pump them directly into your ears. The result is incredible clarity. We have the finest in:

Hear Dinner Conversations

In group situations, I would feel 'out of it.' I just couldn't hear what people were saying. Now, with the Pocketalker personal amplifier, I can participate. At Thanksgiving dinner, I could hear all eight people.
    Kit N., Bethesda, MD

Hear your TV without Disturbing Others

Before my husband began using the TV Ears television listening system, I thought I was going to go out of my mind. The TV was so loud, I couldn't even think straight, let alone read a newspaper.

But now all that has changed. Thanks to TV Ears, my husband can watch TV with his headset as loud as he wants and the volume from the TV is perfect for me. It's a real life-saver.
Connie G., Trenton, NJ

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     Cordless TV listening systems pump clean sound directly into your ears from any sound source.
  Wireless TV
    TV Ears
    TV Listener

   Our phones feature powerful amplification, high-frequency boost, and clean sound. 
    Dialogue XL30
    Dialogue XL50

 Hear People
 (face to face)

    Personal Amp.
    Class Instruc.
    Large Area Sys.
    Tour Kits


       Flashing lamps or vibrating receiver tell you when the phone rings, the baby cries, and more.  
 Alert Devices
    Alarm Clock

 Guide to
 Hearing  Loss

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Essential Guide to
Hearing Loss

Provides info on hearing loss, hearing assistance products,  and tips on hearing in noisy places.
What causes it, what you can do about it, and more...

TV Ears Headset

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